Proposed Constitutional Amendments & New Positions

As a committee, we have already accomplished a great deal with the production of our last main TEDx event. However, we recognise we need more support and to do more for our general membership base.

As such, we whereby propose the following constitutional amendments (denoted in blue, in the below PDF) to add the following roles to our committee:

Translation Coordinator,
Social Secretary/Secretaries,
Fundraising and Partnerships Coordinator

Details of the responsibilities of these roles can also be found below:

These offices will be available for any matriculated member of the society, as long as they register interest with the existing committee by emailing before Wednesday 15th and are then voted in by our members at the EGM on Friday 15th.

We also seek to appoint society members to the following non-committee roles (any persons who have previously expressed interest in joining a Team will be prioritised for interview):

Appointment 1: Marketing & Communications

Responsibilities Include:

  • Help Brainstorm ideas for society related marketing
  • Create Captions for Social Media Posts
  • Answering Instagram & Facebook DMs
  • Maintain our Twitter page

Appointment 2: Production

Responsibilities Include:

  • Research of Venues for Events
  • Communication with Venues and Suppliers
  • General Support to Production Team when needed

Appointment 3: Website

  • General maintenance of our website
  • Creating posts as needed by the committee

Please get in touch with us at if you are interested in any of these appointments. Please note only matriculated members of the society can be appointed to these positions.

We look forward to seeing our members at our EGM on Friday 15th @ 3pm and hope to introduce our new committee members shortly thereafter!

TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh Committee






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